About Us

There are plenty of companies out there that offer lawn care, and then there is Top Turf. It takes more than just fertilizer to have a beautiful lawn, so Top Turf takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to providing top-tier turf care to those who desire lawn perfection.

Led by Dean Ricci, a seasoned professional and Certified Arborist with a bachelor’s degree in Turf Management from URI, Top Turf is dedicated to ensuring the grass is greener on your side. Dean understands that a lawn is a living thing, and its needs change throughout the year. We know that you can’t fight Mother Nature, and our motto is doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time for your lawn to thrive and flourish.

Dean’s story began at a very young age when he started offering lawn mowing services around the neighborhood, which eventually inspired him to study Turf Management in college. He began to work on golf courses around the South County area, and this fueled his desire to work in professional golf course maintenance. He eventually secured a position as Golf Course Superintendent at a local private country club. After working there for several years, and with local companies applying fertilizer on commercial and residential properties, he identified the need for a more intensive and holistic approach, and ultimately founded Top Turf. Knowledge, experience, and communication became the keys to explaining the process, justifying the value, and educating clients all while balancing environmental concerns with providing top-notch turf care.

Dean quickly learned how demanding this field is due to the many technical and personal challenges it poses. In addition to the ever-changing weather conditions, he realized the vast scope of knowledge required to be successful. Caring for a living, breathing ecosystem is not a 9-5 job, it requires intense personal attention year-round. We offer comprehensive and necessary mechanical procedures like dethatching, aeration, and overseeding, and apply all our top-notch products on a rigid schedule to maximize their efficacy.

Dean has found that property owners often feel frustrated with other companies that rely solely on fertilizer applications to create a healthy lawn. It takes more than just a bag of fertilizer – and when he founded Top Turf, he set out on a mission to educate his clients on the process and include them in a long-term plan to achieve their dream lawn.

Dean is a professional that is dedicated and committed to providing outstanding results. Dean prides himself on his ability to communicate his vision and knowledge to his clients. He is honest, straightforward, and transparent and always gives his clients an honest assessment of their unique situation and educates them on what will be required to get the results they want.

At Top Turf, we start with an initial assessment and soil testing, then craft a long-term plan that will give your lawn the care it needs, and partner with you to provide everything needed for a beautiful lawn while maximizing your budget and eliminating unnecessary, costly procedures. Dethatching, advice on yearly maintenance, aeration, and overseeding are just a few of the components needed for fine turf care, and after testing, we identify which procedures make the most sense for your unique lawn and work with your budget.

When he is not creating lawn perfection, you can find him working on his home and his own property, riding his motorcycle, or reading.

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